Watch An Worldwide Crowd Finds Widespread Ground at a Cultural Crossroad | The Screening Room

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[short bright music][woman speaking on radio in Greek][prayer beads snapping][gentle music][paper rustling] [insect chirping][smoking pipe crackling][prayer beads snapping intermittently][soft snoring][muffed people chattering][insects chirping][shop bell ringing][vehicle engine buzzing in distance][children shouting indistinctly][door closing] [shop bell ringing][gentle music continues][paper rustling][Man On Speakerphone, Outside] Passport.Passport,passport, ready.[indistinct] down there. [prayer beads snapping][muffled crowd chattering][woman on radio speaking indistinctly]Line, over there.[Man On Speakerphone, Outside] Passport,passport, ready.Okay, over there.[guard speaking indistinctly][gentle accordion music][man singing indistinctly][woman sighing][paper rustling]Okay you go down the highway, most of the people is over there.See?Over there [indistinct]. From there?[boy speaking indistinctly][woman laughing and speaking indistinctly]Bye.[muffled voices of boys talking][bike rattling] [bike bell dinging][boy talking indistinctly][Girl] Okay.[boy talking indistinctly]I’m sorry, I’ve to go, bye-bye.[boy speaking in foreign language][paper rustling] [gentle music continues][man on speakerphone announcing indistinctly][crowd member shouting indistinctly]Sir, so that you’re in queue?Okay.Sir, it’s best to preserve collectively.Thanks.[people shouting][Crowd Member] We’ve got now the paper.[distant rumble] [people chattering loudly][people clamoring] [clouds thundering][thunder echoing] [raindrops pattering][muffed voices of people speaking in foreign language][clouds thundering] [shop bell ringing][insects chirping][people chattering indistinctly][shop bell ringing][tourist speaking in foreign language][thunder echoing][muffed upbeat music] [people talking indistinctly][people chattering][muffed upbeat music] [accordion music playing][people speaking in foreign language]Ah,excuse me.What’s on this pie?Manitaria.[Tourist] Manitaria?Manitaria.What’s manitaria,in English?[clouds thundering outside] [rain pattering][woman speaking in Greek]Huh?[woman speaking in Greek][woman speaking in Greek][rain pattering heavily][crowd member speaking in Greek][people speaking in foreign language]Who?[people chattering indistinctly][upbeat orchestral music][people speaking in foreign language][upbeat orchestral music stops]Manitaria?Mushrooms.[Crowd Member] Oh, mushrooms.[crowd exclaiming][Everyone] Mushrooms. [people repeating mushroom][Crowd Member] Mushrooms. Yeah.[Crowd Member] Mushroom. Mushroom.[Crowd Member] Mushroom. [gentle music continues][people repeating mushroom]Mushroom. Mushroom.Mushroom. [crowd repeating mushroom]Mushrooms. [music stops][crowd gets quieter][crowd member speaking in foreign language]I don’t like mushrooms.Sorry, sorry. No?[Tourist] No mushroom. [crowd member exclaiming][Tourist] Oh, I don’t like one thing of that.[thunder echoing]Thanks, thanks.[tourist speaking foreign language][crowd booing] [crowd chattering][shop bell ringing][crowd member speaking in foreign language][people repeating mushroom][pattering stopping] [gentle music][people chattering softly][woman speaking foreign language][boy speaking indistinctly][people chattering][birds chirping][gentle music continues][door closing][Man On Speakerphone, Outside] Passport.[smoking pipe crackling][prayer beads snapping intermittently][soft snoring][man on speaker phone announcing indistinctly][muffed chatter from outside][gentle music continues][gentle music ends]

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