Letters: Former metropolis planner suggests spot for brand spanking new Saskatoon area

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The tragedy of Ukraine continues with the collision of an incipient nationalism pitted towards a restorative drive of an older czarist model of what Russia is. As this ensuing violence entrenches itself, any sort of peaceable decision turns into tougher. That stated, the West’s use of sanctions and certified army assist for Ukraine is justified. However this assist doesn’t embody Ukrainian calls for for a NATO enforced no-fly zone over Ukraine. Ukrainian assertions that this no-fly zone could be justified as a result of a 3rd world warfare has already began have to be rebuffed. Spreading this catastrophic warfare to neighbouring nations wouldn’t assist Ukraine, not to mention having tens of millions extra refugees. Massive energy intransigence towards smaller nations’ aspirations is as previous as historical past. In 1776, the American revolutionary demand for independence from British imperialism resulted in a number of painful years of warfare. Equally, Vietnam’s assertion of independence from French colonial rule, in addition to from America’s post-war triumphalism, resulted once more in lots of painful years of warfare. The outlook for Ukraine’s predicament is bleak, particularly when confronted with a robust however untrustworthy regime that has a army capability to render Ukraine uninhabitable. Some kind of diplomatic and army armistice, neither peace nor warfare, might change into a crucial possibility till a post-Putin period endeavours to type itself out. Paul Sopuck Saskatoon

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