Jet2 emergency: Alert as flight transmits ‘7600’ Squawk at 25,000ft over Sheffield | UK | Information

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The airplane, a Boeing 737 36N/W, departed from Leeds and was certain for Paris. Squawk 7600 is used to alert air site visitors management that the plane has misplaced communications with the tower. When contact can’t be established, planes are directed utilizing aviation gentle alerts, which both present the pilot with clearance to land or point out unsafe circumstances in case radio contact fails.Different notable squawk codes, which all the time start with a quantity between zero and 7, embrace a squawk 7700.Boeing 757/767 pilot Captain Ken Hoke defined: “If a crew resets their transponder to the emergency code of 7700 (squawking 7700), all air site visitors management amenities within the space are instantly alerted that the plane has an emergency state of affairs.”It is as much as the crew to let ATC know what the precise state of affairs is.”It might be an plane drawback, medical difficulty, or one thing else.”On Thursday, a Tui Airways flight from West Africa to Bristol transmitted the alert whereas flying northwest of Gloucester earlier than diverting its path to Birmingham Airport.The flight departed Sal Worldwide Airport, the primary worldwide airport of Cape Verde, at 11:19pm (UTC) after being delayed from its preliminary departure time of seven:55pm (UTC).MORE TO FOLLOW…

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